“When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet”. Proverbs 3:24

A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing. You feel revitalised and full of energy ready to face the day.  A broken night can make that day really hard going.  I’m sure you’ve been there for one reason or another.  During a difficult time in my life I found sleep very elusive – it was hard to cope sometimes.  At 3am in the morning every problem is magnified to massive, unmanageable proportions.  There are no solutions and you feel out of control.

The writers of Scripture knew this as well as we do today – they faced fear, worry and problems just as we do.  The truth of these words reach down through the centuries and are as true now as they were then – you don’t need to be afraid, your sleep will be sweet because the creator of the universe says it is so.

When I faced those sleepless nights this promise gave me rest and hope.  If you have been tossing and turning remind yourself every night that His promises are true and this one is no exception.