“I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten”  Joel 2:25

It is one thing to be grateful that God’s grace & love cover us each and every day. It is another thing though to believe that God does not just ask us to move on from our past but He can actually restore and pay back things that were stolen from us. That requires faith and a revelation of His supernatural favour & abundance.

The word for you today is to know that God saw everything that the devil (and people!) took from you. It may be physical or internal. He did not miss one thing. Whenever the Lord pays back He goes beyond whatever was taken in the first place. Does that sound too good to be true? That is grace! The unmerited abundant favour of God!

Benjamin in the bible received 5 times more than His brothers and the same promise is over your life today.

Do not mourn today for that which was lost but start with thanking God that He will restore to you 5 times more than was ever taken. Money, dignity, relationship, reputation. Whatever! He does that because in grace He always restores us to a place of Honour where there is fullness. If you will believe it then you will see it. Thank God that 2016 is a year of restoration and payback. No longer will your head be down and your heart troubled. You have the unlimited supply of heaven ready & available. That is His grace to you!