"Fight the good fight of faith" I Timothy 6:12

So many of us can feel like we're in a battle at work, in family life, with our finances, our health. Many times it can feel like the odds are stacked against us and we lose sight of our dreams. Often the very thing that we held in our hearts, our deepest desire and our strongest sense of calling can be the one thing we feel the most removed from.

Did you always desire to be a great Mum and now you find you're infertile. Did you dream of leading your own business and you find yourself in debt? Do you dream of writing songs that will impact the world and yet everything so far seems to have been left unnoticed?

The enemy will not attack those who are no threat to him. He doesn't have the limitless resources of the Father. He only goes after the people of potential, the people of destiny. They are the ones who threaten his world. But take heart today; the battle is already won. Your job is not to fight. Jesus has the victory. Your battle is the fight of faith. To believe the promises God has declared over your life, the gifting he has placed in you and the destiny and calling he has proclaimed over you.

Stand today knowing that as you remain true to your calling and don't give up you will see your enemies defeated and you will inherit all that the Lord has promised.