"But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed."  2 Corinthians 3:16.

By the grace of God the veil that represented our sin and shame has been replaced with shameless, limitless, face-to-face encounters with our heavenly Father.

God longs for us to live an unveiled lifestyle. He longs for us to behold his glory and be transformed into the same image: a reflection of his glorious Son, Jesus. The idea of looking like Jesus used to seem utterly impossible. How could I ever look anything like Jesus? In my sin and shame, how could I ever resemble the perfect, sinless Son of God? But God has an enjoyable and perfect process by which he transforms us. As we seek out all that God has for us in an unveiled lifestyle, God longs to renew our minds to his plans for our transformation.

Living an unveiled lifestyle is the way in which we experience the fullness of what God has made available to us. Direct encounters with our heavenly Father, lives transformed in light of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus and His amazing grace. God longs for his children to walk with him in intimacy directly connected to his wellspring of love for us. May you experience a more tangible, loving, and powerful connection with your Heavenly Father everyday.