“Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10 NASB

Have you ever wondered what is God’s will?  God’s will is revealed in God’s Word.  Jesus told us to pray that the Father’s will be done on the earth in the same way that it is done ‘in heaven’.

The failures we experience on the earth today are linked to the fall of man after sin entered God’s perfect earth.  Jesus came to restore that which was lost through sin so that we could experience heaven on earth.

Heaven has a miracle for all of earth’s failures!

For doubt there is faith, for fear there is courage, for despair there is hope, for mourning there is comfort, for sadness there is joy, for hate there is love, for distress there is peace, for weariness there is rest, for defeat there is victory, for timidity there is boldness, for lack there is provision, for sickness there is healing and for failure, sin and death there is grace, mercy, forgiveness and life.

As the Father’s children, let us pray for heaven’s miracles to address earth’s failures.