“Go away for the girl is not dead, she is sleeping. And they laughed at him.” Matthew 9 24-25

With what eyes do you look at your life today? If you approach every situation today with your natural eyes you are going to be disappointed - You are going to see decay, lack, failure and limitations.

Our world is a fallen place and the consequences are evident wherever we look.
But Jesus already has the victory. Death has been defeated. When we see obstacles and impossible situations we are called to approach them with eyes of faith. We are to look at what appears to be dead and command God life. Whenever we do this those around us will think that we are crazy. They will say we're deceived. They will mock and laugh just as they did when Jesus declared that the girl was sleeping. But did the people continue to mock when the girl got up?

Don't let others’ unbelief stop you from pursuing your breakthrough. When you stand you will see the breakthrough and you will see that blessing does not just flow to you but all those around you too.