“The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul” Psalm 19:7

It is not uncommon for me to feel like I need to refresh my soul. Sometimes I feel the pull of the outdoors or the irresistible call to take time on my own – time to refresh. There was a time in my life when I expected a walk in the mountains or an afternoon at an art gallery to bring new vigour, new life to my soul.

While these things certainly helped (I always feel rejuvenated by time out of the ‘rat race’) the problem was that it didn’t take long for life to take over and it felt like my soul needed refreshed again.

God is calling you today to take time out to refresh your soul…to allow His word to make your soul, the depth of your being – the ‘you’ inside of you – new, vibrant and alive.

God’s word is able to bring life, comfort and direction to wherever you find yourself. If God is love (and He is), if He wants only the best for us (and He does) and if we are His children (and we are) then what He has to say to us is exactly what we need to live a refreshed, fulfilled life.

Today approach God’s word with expectancy; take time to linger, listen to what He is saying to you. His perfect word is waiting there to refresh your soul.