"The just shall live by faith..." Romans 1:17

Yesterday we talked about the simple fact that faith is a gift from God. He gives faith to you. What is faith? Faith in the NT simply means belief, trust, confidence. God, through the Holy Spirit, continually births in you the ability to trust Him. The issue is that many of us put our trust in what is carnal - what we can see, touch and what we hear.

Usually we do not act on the promises of God because we FEEL afraid and therefore we back down and continue as we are. Whenever those feelings come why not speak out that you do trust God, that you do believe and although you may feel weak, that the real you is full of trust & confidence because that is what the Holy Spirit is birthing in you continually.

Faith is different to feelings. Make a decision that the next time you feel afraid about taking a step out on what God is making you to do that you will partner with belief & trust that God will always honour His word and will always prove himself faithful to His promise to you