“In your presence is fullness of joy At your right hand are pleasures evermore” Psalm. 16:8

My youngest daughter loves to sing and dance! Recently I was playing music in the kitchen and she just started doing all these moves that I had never seen her do before. It was a mixture of ballet, gymnastics with a few bum wiggles thrown in. I really wanted to capture the moment on film to show the rest of the family but I didn't have my phone handy. At first I felt disappointed then I felt the Holy Spirit whisper this is a moment for us to enjoy!

I realised so much of life we are looking to share but we can forget how precious it is to share those precious moments with our Heavenly Father. I love to just watch my daughter enjoy herself, to act without a care for what others think. Just like this our Heavenly Father has created us to live in such a way. He loves to share those moments with us. He wants us to experience his presence, not just in corporate times of worship but he desires to continually commune with us as we go about everyday life.

We so often try to find time for God at the beginning and end of each day by setting aside time to pray and read the word. Whilst these things are important they are not the full picture. God desires us to know him intimately. He wants us to share life together throughout the day. Having a continual sense of his love lavished on us. At all times, in all things. The more we comprehend this the more we will live free to reach the potential he has placed within us.