"Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life". Psalm 23: v6

I have recently been taking time out from a lot of tasks and responsibilities I had carried to be able to spend more time being built up in the word. I had allowed the demands of ministry to dictate my schedule and my trust had not been focused on allowing God to build the house.

Having a much freer schedule has been such a blessing because it has helped me to hear the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit. I realise there were so many times in my life and I hear it so much in the lives of others where we feel we can't hear God or that he's not answering our prayers. We want answers to issues, decisions we should make, our future direction. Our seeking God can become very self focused rather than Jesus focused.
I have found recently that as I clear my head of a lot of the business and distractions I get a much clearer sense of his leading and calling. I don't have all the answers but I don't need them because my heart is more fully persuaded of his goodness.

My trust rests in the fact that He is my loving Father who only has good things to give me. He only ever has good thought about me. As I meditate on his love for me my confidence grows. I don't have to fear what might be. He is leading me. Don't seek God for answers, seek after a deeper revelation of what he thinks about you. The more you discover this the less you will be concerned about the path ahead of you.