"Come to me....and I will give you rest.." Mat 11:28

The theme that God has been speaking to us as a church this year is all about learning what it means to rest in the grace and love of God. I have said many times over the past few months that if we will rest and stay in faith that God is faithful to every promise then He works on our behalf. If though we choose to work all our stuff out then we cut ourselves off from Grace and life and we must carry burden and responsibility that God does not intend for us.  


My encouragement for you as you go through today and this week is to say "Lord my trust is in your word. Today I declare that you are working in every situation in my life. In my family, my relationships, my work, my career, my health and my money. Thank you that I can receive peace knowing that as I keep my heart focused not on what I see with my natural eyes but what I read and see in your word, that your blessing and favour is flowing in my life and bringing goodness to me." 


This is a day to learn this rhythm of grace. That is your choice - you can carry or allow the weight and worry to leave you and find rest instead. We have a good father. He is watching you right now with such a depth of love in His heart for you and favour for you today. So enjoy today. Take a deep breath and breathe in His goodness. Whenever you feel pressure coming turn to the Lord and thank him that you have nothing to worry about because you will rest and know that He is working for you!