“Don’t minimise the powerful gift that operates in your life, for it was imparted to you by the laying on of hands of the elders and was activated by the prophecy they spoke over you” 1 Tim 4:14 (TPT)

Many of us walk around each day with a powerful gift within us waiting to be exercised. So often our gifting gets neglected - life has a way of burying things deep inside. Somehow in the busyness of work, family and friends we can feel like we never fully get to live the life we were designed for.

There is a powerful gifting in us that can so easily be minimised by our approach to life or fear of others. So often we measure the power of our gifting against human ability and the apparent difficulty of the circumstances we face.

Today remember that God has given you gifts to fulfil His purpose for your life. He is the one who has called you and it is He who will use the gifts within us to achieve all He has planned. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you can do it – it’s not down to your abilities, God will supply all you need.

Be encouraged that God will never call you to do something that He will not enable to you complete. Don’t minimise your gifts!