“Everything heaven contains has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus – all because He sees us wrapped into Christ” Eph 1:3 (TPT)

We often hear the statement “All I have is yours” from a father to a child. Indeed, I would have no problem giving everything I have to my children. The thing is, sometimes I think God is a less generous father than I am.

When I read statements like, “everything heaven contains is lavished on me as a love gift”, I somehow struggle to believe that is really the case. You see, I can manage to accept that a few worldly possessions could somehow be mine because of the relationship I have with my father but “everything heaven contains”?

That is because I am looking at it from the wrong perspective. Here Paul clearly states that when God looks at us, He sees us wrapped into Christ. I suppose we all have less problem believing that God loves Jesus and is pleased to give Him all He has. When God looks at you He does not see you as a slave or someone to be punished but as His child, someone intimately connected to Jesus. Our Father loves us and because of Jesus – not our abilities or good works – He lavishes us with all that heaven contains.

Today because I am in Christ, all that heaven contains is mine. Wherever you find yourself, whatever the challenge remember that God sees you wrapped in Christ and all you need is right there for you.