…let the hearts of those rejoice who seek and require the Lord [as their indispensable necessity]. Psalm 105:3

I wonder what you consider to be a necessity? Those things that make your life bearable? A superfast fibre Internet connection, great shoes or a new car every three years? For me it’s two things – eyeliner and mascara.  I rarely leave the house without make up and never without a sweep of black mascara and some speedily applied eyeliner! Why is that? I feel that bit more confident and able to face the world when I have my ‘face on’.

It’s all froth and bubble though when it comes down to it. Everything is stripped away when we face chronic illness, bereavement, disappointment.  Mascara won’t cure any of those problems but rejoicing in the Lord and knowing He is the foundation of your life will change your perspective. 

For a long time I was taught that all I needed to do was believe and everything would be okay. Then in the middle of turmoil I understood that believing wasn’t enough – what made the difference was that I knew beyond any doubt that God was my provider, Saviour, friend and the knowledge that He was indispensable to my daily living, altered everything.

Take a moment to consider what you think you can’t live without and remind yourself that God is greater than any earthly blessing.  Seek Him out today and make Him your indispensable necessity.