The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe.
Proverbs 18:10

How many of us would want to live in a home called ‘Disaster’ or marry someone called Mr Angry!! These ideas may sound crazy but we need at times to remind ourselves that when God gives something a name it is of utmost importance.

Nothing is named without thought or intention in scripture. When we read the above verse it should birth in us tremendous confidence and assurance about who we belong to and where we are positioned in life.

The enemy wants us to get our eyes on our weaknesses. Where we don’t measure up, where we failed in the past, the areas we consistently trip up in. This type of thinking buries us in doubt and defeat and we become too weak to see a way out.

The Lord does not want us to have our heads down. What is his name? A strong tower! He is strength! We don’t need to muster it up. In fact we can’t because we must receive it from him. And not only that he’s a tower. Set on high. Looking above the circumstances from a position of authority.

We run to him and we are safe. And how do we know that we can do that? Because we are the righteous. The finished work of Jesus, dying at the cross in our place has removed any barrier that would have stopped us from approaching the Father. We are free to enter into to that place of safety and security and rest in his strength.