There was no sword in the hand of David....  1st Sam 17

We have been looking at the story of David in Exchange. Goliath is familiar to all of us but we miss so many of the details that the Lord has put there for our encouragement.

What was David equipped with in facing down Goliath? He stands for judgement and condemnation against the people of God. What do you have in your hand to fight those feelings of unworthiness and guilt? The bible says that David did not have a sword - that speaks of human might. There is beautiful imagery for us in the weapons that David had.

He went to the stream which speaks of the Holy Spirit - life giving water in the lives of believers. In John 7 Jesus said that this would flow from our innermost being. he there takes 5 stones, the number of grace and another picture of Jesus, the living stone, and he goes to face his giant.

All you need today is the Holy Spirit and the gospel of grace (Jesus!) and you will see your giants fall. Not your strength but His. This is why David was confident to say "The Battle is the Lord's" because he knew that what was in his hand was more than enough.

Get your eyes on Jesus today and hold fast to the gospel of grace and see your breakthrough!

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