O Magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3

Have you ever tried to look in two different directions at the same time? It’s ridiculous to try because one will always get your attention more than the other. The Lord knows that when we have failed in our humanness we can get consumed with what went wrong. The only way to help us out of making more mistakes is not to try and dissect what went wrong but to focus on the one who is always right.

We were not created to be lone soldiers. We have been created to be part of a family. There is power when we join together and great encouragement.

The devil attempts to isolate us in our moment of weakness and have us believe that we have nothing to offer others. When we believe right we understand that our success in life is not dependent on our actions and us getting it right but on the fact that Jesus has made us perfect and complete. When we magnify him over our lives, our ups and downs, success and failures we will come to see his grace working on our behalf.

Moreover. rather than run away from others, we will be drawn to them, to celebrate and magnify the Lords protection and deliverance and declare his goodness over our future.