Psalm 23 - "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil."

He wrote, walk through, not into.  Life has a habit of bringing change.  We are not living some static existence, but travelling on a journey.  As time passes, children grow up and leave home; DIY projects and educational courses get completed.

The valleys are to be walked through, not lived in.  This too will pass.  Is today’s word to encourage.

I have walked through some valleys in my life. My son was very sick when he was born. My husband had a crushed vertebra in his back.  Both recovered.  Both times it felt like we could not get through, but it was God’s presence with us that kept us.  This too will pass was my ‘word for the moment.’  When my mum died I had to pass through the valley of mourning. This too will pass reminded me that even grief has stages to walk through.

Are you walking through a valley today?  This too will pass.  Either the situation will change or you will change within it.  James wrote that even our toughest times can be used to bring us to a place of maturity as we grow in our faith.

As you pass through this valley remember that you are not alone when you have God as your Father and His Spirit living on the inside.  As the song says, God’s not dead, He’s truly alive; living on the Inside, roaring like a lion.  He is in you to give you strength to face the storm and patience to wait until it passes.