“You gave abundant showers, O God;you refreshed your weary inheritance.” Psalm 68:9 NIV

When I lived in Africa we lived on the Highveld.  It only rained in the summer so we had long dry winters.  From June to September it never rained – the ground got progressively drier and you could feel the air drying out your skin and hair.  I longed for rain but I knew I had to wait.  For an Irish girl this was a novel experience – actually wanting rain! When it finally came everything suddenly burst into life overnight.  I remember one particular evening the skies opened and there was a torrential downpour.  When it stopped, as if by magic thousands of mayflies suddenly emerged from the ground, brought to life by the moisture – it felt like a miracle!

Do you feel weary this morning – worn down by illness, heartbreak or disappointment? Maybe simply getting up today and getting ready to go to work in a job you don’t like or enjoy makes you feel tired before you even get out of the house.

I have good news for you today – this is not the end.  Your disappointment does not have the final word.  There IS abundance and blessing for you out there. Refreshing showers of love, grace and encouragement that will bring energy into the heart of your weariness and discouragement.  Your season of drought is over because God brings abundant showers.  You don’t have to settle for an Irish drizzle – there’s an African deluge coming that will sweep you away and soak you with blessing.  No umbrella required – let yourself get drenched!