“The Lord was with Joseph so that he prospered…the Lord gave him success in everything he did.” Genesis 39:3

I recently moved into a new job role in my organisation.  It’s challenging and builds on my existing skills but what’s most exciting is – I didn’t go looking for it! It came to me. I had been asking God for a while for a change but had also realised He wanted me to be content where I was and be the very best I could be in that situation. To ‘bloom where I was planted’ as the saying goes. 

Then one day my boss completely unexpectedly told me I was going to be moving to a new role, a new office and would have a new boss! God answered my prayers in a way I didn’t expect and without any struggle on my part. The icing on the cake being that it wasn’t as good as I would have imagined – it was better!

God wants you to prosper more than you want it for yourself.  When you look at your external circumstances this morning you may think to yourself nothing’s ever going to change, there’s no hope for me.  Lift your eyes child.  The outcome is in His hands not yours.  Take every piece of learning from where you are now – patience, trust, commitment, encouragement. Be the best you can be where you are, for your employer, your colleagues, your clients, your friends, and you will be blessed in the most unexpected ways.