[Mat 16:15 NLT] Then he asked them, "But who do you say I am?"

This Week I am asking the question, “who is Jesus?”  We tell people that we are Born Again Christians, who love Jesus.  But what does that mean to them?  Do they know who this Jesus is that we talk about?  Do we even understand who He is?

Jesus asked His disciples this very question. “Who do you say I am?”  What if he were to ask you this same question today, how would you answer Him?  What would you say?  Who is Jesus to you?

Maybe you can rhyme off a list of names and descriptions of Jesus?  Maybe you can even quote whole chunks of scripture that describe Him.  But who is He to you?  You say He is the shepherd, but do you understand what it means to be led by Him and to walk with Him in daily life?  You say He is the bread of life, but does your heart feed on His love?  You say He is your redeemer, but are you free from guilt and shame?


I hope that this week you will see who Jesus is to you and that this truth will remind you that you are precious loved and empowered to live life to the full.