[Rev 19:16 NLT] on his robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

Have you ever wondered what this phrase, King of Kings, means?  It means exactly what it says; Jesus is the King of Kings.  Who are these kings He rules over?  You and me are kings; yes you and me.  We run ourselves down and think little of ourselves.  Yet Jesus has made us royalty.

As kings we have power and authority to defeat our enemies and to live with a sense of pride in who we are.  Stop calling yourself stupid, you are a king.  Stop seeing yourself as no good, you are a king.  Even us girls are called kings, not queens; so there is no difference.  We ladies do not need to think of ourselves as somehow less valuable than the men in God’s kingdom.

Walk like a king, act like a king and talk like a king; for you have the authority of God in your life to be strong, to be bold and to be confident. 

This is about Jesus.  He is King of Kings.  That means He is our leader and the one in authority over us.  In James chapter 4 we read that when we humble ourselves before our God He will lift us up in honour.  So, when we remember that it is Jesus who reigns in us as our King of Kings, we will be able to reign as kings.

Today, place your life under His authority and He will help you to walk tall as you obey and serve Him.