Mark 1:17-18 NLT

Jesus called out to them, "Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!"

And they left their nets at once and followed him.

Do you remember that moment when Jesus called you to follow Him?  What did he call you away from?  What change did He bring to your life?  What was your change of direction?

These men were called away from a life of catching fish to being taught about the Kingdom of God.  The woman caught in adultery, who was used by Jesus' enemies to try to trip him up, was not condemned by Jesus and as a result of her encounter with Jesus was told to “go and sin no more”. A true encounter with Jesus is always accompanied by a change in direction - not from a place of fear, but in response to His love.

Jesus is the source of salvation and the source of new life.  Have you truly encountered Him? Has your life changed as a result of your encounter with Jesus?

Jesus said that there will be many on the last day, who will stand before Him, who preached in His name, yet He will tell them that He never knew them. They had all the right words and called themselves followers of Jesus but they had never truly encountered Him.

Jesus also said that we can know a person by the fruit of their life. Knowing Jesus bears the fruit – it is important to remember that we should not seek the fruit itself but the one who is the source. As we grow in our knowledge of Jesus, we will be changed by His amazing grace.  Have you encountered Him?

The grace of God calls us to new life through Jesus.  His blood was shed on the cross to pay for our sin; to make us right with God, so that our lives could be revolutionised. Today, don’t play at trying to be a Christian – simply seek to meet with Jesus, get to know Him, let Him bring you new life and change you from theinside out.  Encounter Jesus and receive His love