Awake to righteousness and sin not.

1 cor 15:34

When it comes to breaking habits in our lives and overcoming negative patterns of behaviour we tend to be problem focused rather than solution oriented. Often the attention we give to a problem and the time we spend thinking about everything we are not happy with allows the whole thing to be magnified. It can at times become insurmountable in our eyes. When we address things in God's order we find he calls us to approach it in an entirely different way. The solution comes first before the problem is even mentioned.

Awake to righteousness..... when we fully embrace our true standing in Christ we will no longer be continually fighting the battles that have plagued so many of us and robbed us of our freedom.

Our identity is as a sons and daughters of the king, totally accepted, loved and forgiven because of the work of Jesus on the cross. We no longer need to live in fear wondering if we will ever be able to find victory in a certain area because sin has been defeated and the victory is already won.

Our fight is to overcome the voices that rise up against who He says we truly are. It's to identify every lie and replace it with truth.