The just shall live by faith Romans 1;17

How many of us wake up each day thinking I have everything I could ever have dreamed of, my life is complete! Now I'm not suggesting that we should wake up complaining & moaning. Listings our disappointments and failures. I do believe,however, that it is ok to yearn for more. In fact I believe that it is part of the way that the Lord made us. To believe in the ' more than we could ever ask or imagine' propels us to think beyond what is in front of us and to imagine a life of ever increasing opportunity and greater intimacy with Him.

The Lord does not want us to battle and wrestle with this inner call. Instead he wants us to approach it with excitement and anticipation. He never wants you to settle for today. His heart is that you enjoy today, you recognise his blessing, favour and purpose for now, but you also trust him for tomorrow. Through faith in Jesus and his finished work, you are holy, accepted, beloved and chosen. You can,therefore, have confidence in his plans for you. You can be expectant about the doors that will open.

Everyday you live by faith in who He is and what he has done for you. You are free to reign in life because everything that could hold you back was dealt with at the cross. 

Allow yourself to dream today. Talk to Him about your deepest desires and know that what is on your heart matters to Him.