God knows you. Even if you don't know him, he knows everything about you. He knows how you were made, why you were made, and why you do the things you do. He created you and fashioned you in His extravagant love for His eternal purposes. 
If a car mechanic can recite in great detail, the purpose of every part in a re-built engine, how much more is the Creator of the heavens and the earth able to recite every characteristic of His beloved children.
He knows every bump, every bruise, and every failure. He knows every fear, every inadequacy, and every one of our dreams. He knows us through and through, yet He still loves us unconditionally. The thought of such intimacy with God causes many of us to cringe in fear. How could God know me as I really am, yet still love me? Shame caused Adam and Eve to run from the presence of their all knowing, all seeing Father. But God does not want us to run from Him, but rather run to Him.
Even when we do hide, we can't escape His loving gaze. Yes our Father knows us intimately and He loves us with an everlasting love. His love for us is higher, and deeper and wider than any other love we have ever experienced in our entire lives. The love that we are familiar with is usually conditional and based upon performance.
But thanks be to God, that Father's love is not an earthly love, it is divine in nature and not based upon our own sense of personal goodness, but rather on His goodness and mercy. Yes your Father knows you, and He loves you with all His heart.