Ephesians 1:11-12

When I was a little boy, I used to hang around my big brother a lot. My parents would sometimes make him take me with him despite his protests. While he was not always thrilled to have me tag along, he was always there to protect me from his much older friends when things got rough. 
But one of things I remember was the fear that I felt when we would go to a local park to play a game of baseball or football. Being extremely small for my age and 4 years younger than most of the other guys, I was not usually considered as a first round draft pick by the captains who were choosing the teams.
Nobody wants to be the last one on the field the player nobody wanted. Most times I ended up on my brother's team by default and was considered a liability rather than an asset. While I survived those trying years with minimal scars,I realize that the fear of being rejected by the team is not just limited to our childhood yearsMany of us, grow up living with the fear that were not good enough to make the team even in our adult years. Some of us experience this kind of rejection from our parents while others from a spouse or family member. Rejection can happen anytime and any where, from the workplace to the church. While we will always have to deal with one form of rejection or another, I am so glad that this is not how God treats us! There are no rejects on God's team, for He has a wonderful plan for everybody. He is not a respecter of persons, so the water boy gets as much love as the star player.God wants and needs every player on His team. He is the captain that chose you when He planned creation. He is the master planner and He has not left anything to chance. You are wanted and have a wonderful destiny as a child on your Father's team!