Romans 8:31

Many times when we are feeling discouraged, it is as if the whole world is against us. It is like we are swimming upstream, constantly fighting a powerful current that seems to be pushing us downstream despite all our efforts. It can be a frustrating experience to feel that we are going one way and everyone else is going in another direction.

The reality is that in the world we live in, we will find many people and obstacles that will seem to be in direct opposition to where we are going. This can be a very discouraging and lonely reality unless we take Romans 8:31 to heart.

The truth is that God is for us, not against us. Not only is He on our side but He is in our corner cheering us on as He plans great things for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

If we can grasp the truth of our Father’s heart towards us, it will not matter who is opposing us or what is standing in our way! For we will be confident that our Heavenly Daddy is the biggest, strongest, most loving person in the universe and has declared to the heavens that He is for us! What will you say in response to this declaration?