Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

I have something called ''Forward Head Posture''. This means my head leans forward (due to my poor posture). This causes my upper back to carry extra weight it was never designed to hold.

I am supposed to do exercises which puts my back into it's correct posture. I have noticed that it can be very uncomfortable, which is strange considering it is the way my spine should be. Why?

Because I have accustomed to dysfunction. Poor posture has become 'normal' to me. So when I put my spine into its correct position, it causes pain.

As followers of Jesus, we often accustom to dysfunction. I know that for me, worry is something I struggle with. So when I attempt to 'let go' and allow God to be in control, it is actually uncomfortable, maybe even painful. So what do I do? I return to worrying, because that's all I've ever known for such a long time. I have become comfortable in my uncomfortable situation.

Just like my upper back is carrying weight it was never designed to hold, as believers, we carry weight we were never designed to carry.

Perhaps you struggle to accept that Jesus loves you. Why? Because that's all you've ever known. You've always believed 'He loves me, but...' It may feel uncomfortable to embrace His love for you, but it will be the only thing that sets you free.