Taste and see that the Lord is good;

 blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8

As I was driving one day, I was praying when the following words came to mind:

'Sometimes, you have to taste how sour the world is, before you appreciate how sweet Jesus is'

What do I mean by this? Many people who have been brought up in a christian household wander off at some point. They are curious to see what the world has to offer. I did the same thing. After tasting how sour the world really is, I learned that my Jesus was never out to stop me having fun, he was out to stop me from getting hurt.

If you choose to 'walk away' from God, know this; you can't walk away from Him because he said He will never leave you. So if you want to go and sample the world, Jesus is going with you, because it's going to take His grace to lead you back.

Perhaps you are a parent who has a child going astray? Don't worry! The Lord has them in His hands. Eventually they taste how sour this world is. They will return, and when they do, they will taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!

Jesus is passionately in love with you. He wants to give you a life of quality, enjoyment, excitement, wholeness, health and peace.

Remember, sweet tastes even better when you've tasted sour.