"God’s kindness to you, provided you continue in his kindness."

Romans 11:22b

Sometimes curve balls come our way and unexpected or unwelcome situations somehow enter our lives or the lives of those nearest to us. It is these times that test our faith in God the most, and show what and who we really believe God to be. 

I whole heartedly believe, and have experienced that God is good and loving all the time, I don't believe that any natural disaster, death or sickness is from or inflicted by God. 

But as humans, this is the struggle, where it can be easier to create our own image of God rather than the true image of our loving, caring all good Father in heaven. We throw aside the idea of a all good all the time God for sake of understanding and ease of explanation. We cast aside truth and embrace our experiences in a broken world with broken people, and make that truth.

When we encounter things in life that try to make us fall or stumble, or challenge the character of God we need to remember verses like this one above, Romans 11:22, remember that Gods kindness is always flowing to you, His goodness and glory is always around you, and His love you can never escape. You see it's not Gods love, goodness or kindness that changes, but our ability to see it, believe it and receive it. When we choose to see it, we will realise its always there in abundance, when we choose to believe it we will never doubt God in times of struggle, and when we choose to receive it, we can pour that same gift of love into other people's lives around us.

God is good, all the time, we just need to walk in that goodness all the time! Remember Romans 11:22 this week when you encounter a struggle, and counter any lies of the enemy with the truth that God is good, and that's where I live, here, now and for eternity!