We have been in a series called "For such a time as this" which is about the purpose of our church but also how that mirrors the call that God has for us. The 2 are inseparable. What goes on in our private lives will affect what happens when we gather as His body. To be a be a church with Jesus at the centre we need to have him at the centre in our daily lives. 

Last Sunday I talked about the most frequent, most important choice that we all have to make. Will I stand on, and by that I mean put into action, the promises of God over my life or be led by my feelings, friends, circumstances or selfishness?

I talked from the story of David & Goliath - how Goliath represents Judgement and how we do not read about Goliath actually fighting Israel in 1st Sam 17 but simply day & night defying the people of God. He brought judgement against God and all he had to do was undermine the promise that God had given the people. The result was they were paralysed. The whole nation was in fear and dismay. Apart from a young boy who knew that he had a covenant with God that The Lord would never break.

We are people and a church that stands on the promises of God. We have trials, difficulties and challenges but be encouraged by David because you, and we, are called for even greater than Him. Your covenant of unmerited grace & favour through Jesus far surpasses the covenant that David had. He was rooted in the promises over his life and the result was the giant fell and their enemies were defeated! I pray that you too will have an increasing revelation of Jesus' love and promise over you. You too can see your giants fall!

You can watch this talk here "Standing on the promise of God"  http://vimeo.com/85165637