Before David went out to fight Goliath King Saul came to him and offered something which to the outside observer seemed totally sensible. David was about to fight a giant. Saul offered him his armour. Armour is good and represents safety & protection but David had a different view...

David refused the armour on the basis that he had not tested it. It did not fit right. It slowed him down and so he took it off and said I'm not wearing that.  The lessons are so clear for us. I believe that most people act with the best of intentions. Our families, friends etc often in an attempt to help us or fix us put things on us that may look like help, but in fact will only slow us down. It may be opinions, experience, interpretations or whatever. David showed great wisdom. He eventually goes to face Goliath "clothed" in one thing - the promise that God had spoken over Him and his people. A promise of deliverance & victory. That would be enough for him. God's word was sufficient - In David's mind if God had said it then He would do it. Interestingly the armour that Saul offered was not doing him any good - Saul was locked in fear, had not seen breakthrough and was stagnating. In a spiritual sense David refused to allow Saul to transfer his own fear, insecurity and worry onto him.

Godly counsel is good and biblical. But we need to be men & women who first, foremost and above all else are centred on God's word and promises over our life. Do not wear anything else before that. That will give you fresh vision & perspective on your challenges and provide the platform for breakthrough!