New Year is a funny time. I think that most of us, to varying degrees. have a sense that we want the upcoming 12 months to bring positive change and momentum into our lives to replace the areas that were difficult before. Some opt for resolutions - they don't work though. In fact, according to a survey conducted by time management experts FranklinCovey that enlisted the answers of 15,000 respondents and found that only 23 percent of New Year's Eve resolutions were kept. Statistically speaking, that is just slightly more than one person out of five, which means that nearly four out of five people -- which equates to millions of individuals -- couldn't keep a promise made to a hopeful self at the brink of the coming year.

There must be a better way. 

I don't think there is one "magic bullet" but when I looked at Jesus He demonstrated how we can see breakthrough in the face of circumstances and odds that are way beyond our ability to control. In John 6 He is asked to feed '000s of people with food that was normally animal feed, He stops and does something that many of us would think is plain stupid.

He gives thanks.

Before the multiplication, before the breakthrough, before the miracle,  He gave thanks. Thanksgiving comes before the miracle. This year rather than allowing circumstances to control you why not stop, (or in fact start each day) by giving thanks to God. The word that is used to describe what Jesus did is eucharisteo - properly it means your grace works well - What an incredible declaration that in the face of anything that we first say that Gods grace works well. 

So if you need to make a resolution on anything then do this - resolve to be a person of thanks - a person who declares that it is the grace of God alone that works for good in our lives. That will certainly make for a different year.


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