"He is the author and perfecter of our faith" Hebrew 12:2

I spent many years waiting for a break through around having another child. I spent many hours in

prayer and study. I had come to a place where I understood that God was a loving Father who

would not withhold anything from me. I had revelation on the fullness of the gospel and knew it was

God's will for me to be fruitful but despite this knowledge I found my emotions on a continual rollercoaster journey. One day I would feel full of faith and hope and expectation but the next I would

find myself falling into doubt and fear. I would then begin to condemn myself and believe that I was

the barrier to receiving my break through as I wasn't standing firm in my faith.


Then I came to a place of revelation. Whilst listening to teaching I heard this verse being

expounded. The teacher talked about Jesus being the author and perfecter of our faith. He

gave us the faith in the beginning and he completes the work in us. It is not our faith to keep steady

it is his faith to rest in and allow his work to be perfected in us. It was a moment of heart revelation

for me when all the truth that I had heard and studied finally took root in my heart and confidence in

my loving Father burst forth in a way I'd never known before. After 5 years of trying for a baby I

announced to my husband next month I'll be pregnant and ...I was!


Keep holding on and believing for your breakthrough and let that perfect work of Jesus' faith

overwhelm your situation.