For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:..." Proverbs 23:7 KJV

This short verse has had a profound impact on my life. Without fail, every week, I spend time reminding myself of its power. 

Every day we process thousands of thoughts. We often slip into a negative thought pattern; it may be listening to the news, thinking about what we haven't achieved or not having enough money - the list goes on. 

Several years ago I made a conscious decision to keep my thought patterns more positive. From the moment I got out of bed I decided to be excited about life, motivated by my future, and thankful for every aspect of life.

Before long I was getting up earlier to go for a run and enjoying my work more. I was more fun around my kids and, very importantly, I was being a better, more thoughtful husband. 

I realised that although my thoughts started in my head, their impact eventually ended up in my heart, and ultimately, as the verse says, "so is he".Having a healthy thought life is crucial.

Why not make a decision today to focus on having a more positive thought life? If you discover you are thinking negatively just say, "No I'm no longer thinking this way, I'm going to change my thoughts that will make me smile!" It might be happy holiday experience, or memories of your wedding day, before too long you will find yourself smiling.

Nurturing habits like this will transform your thought life. As somebody recently said to me in a paraphrase of the above verse, "The person you become is the result of the thoughts you are thinking!