Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace

Romans 5:2

Your audience with God (Part 2)


Ever asked if God's promises are so great and so true then why am I not seeing the results in my life? Most of us ask that question a lot. We have 2 choices - Firstly God is a liar. We cannot trust Him as He is so inconsistent we do not know where we really stand. Secondly God is true to every promise every time. If my life does not reflect the  word of God then it is not that God is a liar.

The grace of God - meaning fullness and unmerited favour of God is entered into by believing. You place trust & confidence in the promises of God and take action based on what He says. God will not bulldozer into your life. H is giving you a choice today - trust Him, respond to Him through appropriate action and you will see the grace of God operate. Grace is not a theory - Jesus is grace personified. When you trust Him and your decisions reflect that then you will discover more of the grace of God working in every day life.

What area’s today do you need to see the grace of God work in? Take fresh, bold steps to trust Him and you will see grace at work