‘Guide me in your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths…I wait expectantly all day long’

Psalm 25:5(AMP)


Have you ever got lost in a strange town? You’ve maybe be given direction to your destination but they don’t seem to correspond with where you’ve ended up. It can be a very stressful experience especially if you’ve an important appointment to get to. Nowadays we rely on satnavs to get us there – but even they don’t always take us by the simplest route!

Do you feel your life has lost direction? Have you been knocked you off course by unemployment, debt or a broken relationship? Ask God to set you back on track.  He knows exactly where you are right now and He knows exactly the best path to lead you through whatever you’re facing.

Expect Him to guide you and you’ll be able to relax because He’s in control. You’ll arrive at your destination in much better shape than when you started.