Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations  Deut 7:9


Whenever God spoke these words He was preparing the children of Israel for the promised land. They would face challenges and obstacles as they were walking towards the reality of the promises of God. They were no longer slaves but they had not yet fully realised their freedom.

The order today is interesting & a great encouragement. God starts with -"Know that the Lord your God IS God" - What a statement. God is reminding them to never forget that the the one who is providing, protecting & leading them is the one true God. The same applies to you today. Before anything else today take some time to remember who is God today - Jesus is the name above all names - all powerful, all knowing, all sufficient. He is your protector & shield. You defender and deliverer. Your provider & healer. There is no one stronger or more powerful.

Establish today a right view of God - Whatever you are facing or going through he says the same to you - Your God IS God - no one or nothing else is! What an incredible thought!