You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you  Is 26 v 3

I am not really a morning person. I am fine when I get up but that can be a struggle! What I find is that the time when I immediately open my eyes my head starts to process everything that I have in front of me that day or any situation that many be going on. If I am not careful I can sometimes feel defeated before I am up on my feet!

I have learned to quickly get my thoughts onto the love of God 1st thing each day. I don't want to waste time. The verse today is a favourite - The word peace is the hebrew word Shalom - It means more than simply not worrying - the sense is completeness, soundness, welfare, wholeness

So the result in my life today of focusing my heart & my mind on God's love for me and His promises to me is way more than simply getting through today without feeling worried. Allowing my heart to be captured by the Holy Spirit and always placing His word above anything else makes me whole - Body, Soul & Spirit.

Do not worry today - banish those anxious thoughts and the negative effects they have on your life by getting your mind onto the amazing love that God has for you today. Perfect peace, wholeness & completeness will be yours!