And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  Ex 33:14


One of the fantastic truths that I discovered about the work of Jesus & His grace working in my life was that the years of struggle & worry did not have to continue any more. If i chose it, I could live a life of faith and trust that meant that even though I still face challenges I can choose to allow the grace of God to "work well" in my life.

How do we keep connected to that truth? How do we make that truth what we will live today and not just a concept? God speaking in today's verse nails it for us - when we are found in the presence of God there is rest that comes as a natural state. When we are aware of His Holy Spirit in us and we allow time & focus on the love of Jesus then rest floods our souls & bodies. When we are aware of His presence with us then we cease to worry or strive as we know that we are being held by the King of Kings. 

The presence of God is not mysterious and out there. Today in any situation, in any place you find yourself getting upset, anxious, worried or losing your peace, simply thank God that His Spirit is in you and declare that His grace is working well on your behalf. Then you will find that rest flooding in. You are loved today! Be Blessed!