‘I am like an olive tree in the house of God.  I trust in and confidently rely on the loving kindness and mercy of God forever and ever’    Psalm 52:8


The olive tree is an amazing plant.  It can live for hundreds of years and continue to produce a harvest long after other crops have had to be replaced. No wonder David chose this plant as an example to be emulated.

By placing our confidence in God and not in our own abilities we can thrive, like the olive tree – continuing to produce fruit in our lives.  Olives are regularly pruned to enable it to continue to produce good fruit – the challenges we face often ‘prune’ us – but as we turn to God in those tough times He enables us to carry on producing  good fruit in our lives.  He is always there to support and help us to prosper.

If you feel you are being pruned today – trust and confidently rely on God to produce great fruit in your life.