‘ The words of the godly area life-giving fountain…’        Proverbs 10:11


Over the centuries fountains have been built all over the world, some, like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, becoming top tourist attractions.  We are drawn to their beauty and the peace and tranquillity they bring to us as we watch them.

As followers of Christ we are called to be sources of life and a well of encouragement to those around us.  To shine with the love of God in our lives and not be afraid to speak it out over others.

We have many opportunities to bring ‘life’ to our workplaces, our families and people we encounter day in and day out.  It doesn’t have to be complicated – smiling at a check out operator, making a cup of tea for a colleague or simply bringing a positive attitude to day to day living. This is not through our own efforts but as a direct result of the ‘God life’ bubbling up and overflowing from us.

This morning let the Holy Spirit flow out of you and let the love, joy and peace that dwells in you flow over everyone you encounter today – both you and they will be blessed!