“God reigns over the nations; God sits on His Holy throne.”

Psalm 47:8

Despite the best efforts of mankind to exalt themselves even to the point of countries being called ‘Super Powers’, any authority which they do possess is only given to them by God and they are all ultimately accountable to Him for how they use this authority.

The supreme King, God is all powerful, all knowing and present everywhere.

There is nowhere mankind can go to escape God. There is no one above Him, no one superior to Him and there is none even like Him - nowhere, anywhere else on earth, under the earth or above the earth.

And to God, every knee will ultimately bow and confess who He truly is.

This is the Almighty God we serve! We are secure in His hands, saved by His amazing grace, held by His never ending love, empowered by His Holy Spirit and He chooses us to represent Him, helping us in every circumstance we face as we live for Him!

Hallelujah! What a King!