We have been looking in Exchange in our current series - Stronger - How to stand in the grace of God - at how we keep ourselves walking in the purpose of God.

The first tool that God gives us is the ability to declare that His "Grace works well" over every area and situation in our lives. That is what happens when we give thanks. The Bible tells us that when we will give thanks to God even when everything in looks like it is going against us then we sanctify - or set apart - that situation and turn it around so that it works for us and not against us.

Remember today that there is no one or no thing that can cause you to miss the purpose that God has for your life. You have an incredible future beginning today. When things get difficult for you today, or you feel discouraged stop and take a moment to give thanks to God - for His love, His forgiveness, His provision, for anything that you can think of. In the spiritual realm God works and will set apart that very situation for your good. Nothing can stand against the power of God that is released when you give thanks!