I will put none of the diseases (MACHALEH) on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you 

Ex 15 v 26 

Every day we should remind ourselves about the nature & character of God. He never changes - His love never fails. In a world where things change rapidly, God is constant. In the absence of reminding our hearts of this truth we are left with creating a view of God that is moulded and formed by opinion, experience and circumstance. That is surely a road to insecurity and failure. 

This verse is a truth that touches us all. The sense of the word Rophe - Healer, is holistic. It implies a spiritual, emotional & physical healing. God did not create mankind to be sick. He wants us to be well in our body , soul & Spirit. We understand that we all have questions & experiences in this area but we cannot allow that to redefine who God has revealed Himself to be. Our collective experience does not define who God is - He reveals Himself through scripture and we get to go on the journey of experiencing all that He is.

The issue here is pretty simple. When we are sick we go to the doctor, take medicine or change lifestyle habits so that we become well. We do not like sickness. I do not know many people who actively go our of the way to get sick and stay that way. Why? We were made for wholeness. That is in each of us. In that way we reflect what God is like. 

Take your past disappointments & questions and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ the Healer in the midst of them. He told us that he was Rohpe - and He has not changed