I am not ashamed of the Gospel.. the power of God...

Romans 1:16 

How are you going to live today? Do you want to simply replay the same old scenes or do you want to see change & transformation? We have a choice to make. We try to live today using our own ability or we rely on the power of God. Yesterday in Church we were talking about how one of God's names refers to His power. In Romans Paul starts of by saying something profound - that is that the Gospel (GOOD NEWS) is the POWER (word dynamis in Greek meaning the ability to perform) to see Salvation (Soteria in Greek meaning welfare, prosperity, deliverance, preservation, salvation, safety) in your life.

Think about it - the good news of God's love & unmerited favour & love is the ONLY thing that has the ability to bring about the fullness of God in your life. You have been given today the full measure of God's love. He has given you every ounce of His favour and He has held nothing back from you. You are highly loved and favoured today. When you start to receive and flow in that truth as opposed to tiring self effort, you start to see the kingdom of God manifesting in your life. 

How does God show His power? Many ways but the truth that underpins it all is His love. His love will fill you with everything that you need to overcome & conquer. His love will hold & support you. His love will heal & restore you. His love will bring you hope. His love will bring you rest.

That is the power of God. To lift your life to a totally different place that self will never do.

Have a great day!