We all live off His generous bounty, gift after gift after gift.

John 1:16a

A few weeks ago I was out shopping in London with my best friend when I was visiting on holiday. I was in my element trying on designer tops – knowing all the time they were well beyond my budget. My friend turned to me and said; “Choose one and I’ll but it for you.” It was such a generous and unexpected gift.  Now every time someone compliments me when I wear it I thank God for her thoughtfulness and generosity.

God is generous – in love, in mercy, in grace and in providing for all our needs.  He’s not tight-fisted or mean or parsimonious – He’s expansive, lavish and bountiful.  We run out of words to describe His generosity.  All He desires of us is that we open our hearts to receive, and share His goodness towards us with others.  The incredible thing about God is that the more we give away to others – the more He gives to us and the more thankful we are – the more chances to be thankful we have.

Be expectant that God is going to bless you today – and be alert for any opportunities you have to give it away!