You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Ps23 v 5

For me the words of Psalm 23 have been longest in my memory. They’re the oldest scripture I know just pipped to the post by John 3:16.

I really liked them, thought they were nice verses but hadn’t truly appreciated the place where they come from until very recently.

This verse has been really apt for me recently as though God continues to write the truth of it on my heart over and over again. When God appoints, he appoints. No one can argue with his decision, there can’t be redress or a change of mind. When He prepares the table it can be in the presence of everyone and all will see how he feels for us.

Remember today that the provision you are given doesn’t depend on your good behaviour, the boxes you tick or the hoops you jump through. When the Father lavishes provision onto us, He does it for all to see. He loves you with an everlasting love and desires to see you progress and develop in a way that is right for you and who you are.

Furthermore, as Pastor Andrew shared on Sunday, your enemies can’t come to the table either. Nothing can close the door that God opens. We’d do well to remember that sometimes.