He leads me beside still waters. Ps 23 v 2

I look after numbers. My job is primarily in education but I also have the fantastic responsibility of looking after our school’s response to assessment. It’s a job that interests me endlessly but it can create an outlook where I constantly assess data that comes along in my own life. I look for variables and what could happen and what may happen.

That changed suddenly this summer. I finally committed myself to adopting a position of rest. This meant I would always revert back to a position of “God has this in control” for the major movements and changes in my life. It was such a difficult challenge, I couldn’t let myself tinker or go and change something and observe. I had to completely leave God in control.

I’m glad I did, I’ve found a massive change of outlook. I still need to water my plants so to speak, I still need to put effort into maintaining what I’ve been graced with by God but He directs the ship, I simply have to ensure that it runs properly.

From this position I begin to see myself as God sees me, and overall I have been able to really identify as a child of the King. I’m not in a place of splendid isolation but rather in a place of being cherished and loved.

Today I pray that your true identity in Christ is revealed and you can begin to experience rest like you never have before. Let Him guide you by still, restful waters today.